"no cheries name is trump-san now i have them on speed dial"

"don’t be a retard why be a king when you can be a god"

Mod Junko

Mod Junko was the first mod to post on Despaircult. Their textpost tag is god.txt and they type in lowercase with the occasional proper grammar. They type with a lot of excitement; much like Mod Colere when Edgecult first began.

Their faceclaim is Junko Enoshima.

They're not a minor, and a new mod. They claim to be a god. Whether they are or not is unknown.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.48.43 PM


Mod Komaeda - They're best friends/qpps and know each other in real life.

Mod Accelerator - Close.

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